Linux Mint setup

For my own reference, here’s what I’ve been doing recently:

I used Abhisek‘s excellent Guide To Install Linux Mint 16 in Dual Boot With Windows to set up a new Mint installation on the same HDD as a Windows 8 installation.

I then set up my usual packages and config:

 Then I installed

 And I got Truecrypt and Dropbox, then took

 from AMD’s download site.

Seems to work ok so far. No games used yet; fine for running an Android emulator though.

A bit of fine tuning to reduce the Grub wait to 2s in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, then reduced the swappiness using

reducing the swap tendency to:

After a reboot, this could be seen by:

 Update: DoW: Soulstorm was working with Wine 64 bit 1.7.15 in XP emulation mode; now it isn’t. Switching to W8 emulation… nope.

Very nice guide on reducing mouse pointer speed beyond that which is allowed by the UI:

In my case the device ID had to be used.

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