Category: Software Development

  • Eric Mill’s Switch to HTTPS Now, For Free is excellent

    I just read this little gem by Eric Mill, and decided to give it a try. Despite a CA problem with the latest version of Firefox, this went surprisingly well. I was slightly disappointed that WordPress uses absolute addresses to it’s resources with an HTTP class. Should it not use relative paths for locally […]

  • Setup for Pioneer development

    I did a little development while on holiday for a FOSS game I like, called Pioneer. I wanted to carry on when I got back, so I set about creating a dev environment for it. Here are my notes on that. IDE First I got Eclipse. Then I enabled C++ development using CDT. Lua Pioneer […]

  • Evolutionary Cline Simulator

    I recently had time to code a biological cline simulator. It runs locally on your machine, and is written in JavaScript. For this reason, don’t expect usable performance from phones and tablets! Example Here’s the result of one run after a few thousand steps. Selection Pressure The selection pressure image describes the selection pressure within […]