XMG P304 Linux Development Setup

I wanted to keep up to date with the latest git, so:

I need Java for Android development & similar:

And for native development:

I downloaded Android Studio & put it ~/apps.

On first run, Android Studio wants Kernel Module Virtual Machine (KVM) extensions installed to allow hardware-accelerated emulators. This link provided info on how to do it.

To manage the VMs:

To do web frontend development, I tend to use Brackets.

Git config!

Every time, I forget to setup my git config. This article has the information I used.

Get my projects from Dropbox

I get my private projects like this:

And done!

Setup for Pioneer development

I did a little development while on holiday for a FOSS game I like, called Pioneer.

I wanted to carry on when I got back, so I set about creating a dev environment for it. Here are my notes on that.


First I got Eclipse.

Then I enabled C++ development using CDT.


Pioneer is heavily Lua-driven. Since I’d be doing a lot of editing in this scripting language, I went looking for a tool. The most mature one that I could find after a short search was Koneki Lua.

Getting the code

I cloned my fork of Pioneer into a directory named ‘pioneer’. This gave me a folder structure of ‘../pioneer/pioneer/…’. I could open the parent pioneer folder as an Eclipse workspace, leaving the files inside pioneer/pioneer unpolluted by Eclipse’s files.

Building the project

I ran




to set up the code project. Building was done from within Eclipse.

The project was imported into Eclipse as a makefile project (./configure generates a bunch of makefiles).

I used the following make command to spread build between my 4 cores, leaving one to handle everything else when a build is running:

make -j 3

This was set in Eclipse in Project>C/C++ Build>Builder Settings